Physical 2^4 Records

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This page contains the unofficial records for timed speed solves of Melinda's Physical 2x2x2x2. Add your accomplishments to the tables below, following the existing patterns. You are honor bound to be accurate in your claims. Please add a link to your solve video.

"Official" Regulations:

  • You must use the official [canonical moveset]. (Which is currently kind of disputed, but maybe we'll figure it out one day lol)
  • You are allowed to gyro and do 4D rotations during inspection
  • If piece(s) fall out accidentally, you may replace them, not worrying about if you put them back the wrong way or not. Then you are allowed to fix any weird errors due to that during the solve
  • If you do an illegal move, you may NOT fix it later, and that is a DNF

Official Records
Two Handed One Handed BLD
Date Name Time Date Name Time Date Name Time
2019/8/11 Connor Lindsay [2:26] 2022/07/31 Rowan Fortier [6:25.12] 2022/08/08 Asa Kaplan [47:14]
2021/11/15 Rowan Fortier [2:16.538]
2021/12/6 Rowan Fortier [2:05.27]
2021/12/9 Rowan Fortier [2:03.582]
2021/12/11 Rowan Fortier [2:00.656]
2021/12/11 Rowan Fortier [1:56.748]
2022/05/07 Rowan Fortier [1:46.24]
2022/06/20 Rowan Fortier [1:28.14]
2022/08/02 Rowan Fortier [1:27.17]
2022/08/07 Grant S [1:23.28]
2022/08/12 Grant S [1:07.57]

Unnofficial Records
Date Name Time Type Comments
Rowan Fortier 1:11.17 Speed PB but not WR
2022/08/15 William Jestin Palmer 2:12.69 Speed New Zealand Record