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Please see the MediaWiki help files to get started with wiki editing!

Also, please note that you will need to create an account to edit any of the superliminal wiki pages.


Wiki editing is the same everywhere, so even though this will seem kind of complicated, you'll get used to it quickly and it will let you make corrections to Wikipedia and other wiki's. You simply use the "Edit" tab of the page you want to change (or the "edit" link of just one section). You need to use the particular Wiki's mark-up notation, but I think that links are universally implemented by bracketing the link text with double square braces [ [ like this ] ] (but no spaces unless between words!). When you save the page, that text will appear as a red link, meaning that there's no page there yet. You then simply click the link and edit the empty page to make it real. Basically, you start with the end result you want and work backwards to fill in the details. Mostly, people just follow the formatting patterns they see when editing pages, but when stuck, see the documentation on the entire syntax for the particular wiki we're using here:

To add your record, first edit the table on the records page and add your data to the appropriate row if it already exists. If it doesn't, then add the row. In both cases, just carefully follow the pattern of the other rows. IMPORTANT: hit the "Preview" button often to see the effect of your changes, and just hit "Submit" once it all looks correct.

Now, you need to create your user page to hold your log files. If that page doesn't exist, then maybe you should do this in two steps. First make your link to be simply your user page. In my case it's User:Cutelyaware. Next, click it and add some personal data at the top, and then add a named section containing your solution below that. Just look at other people's pages and click "Edit" to see the format they used. The "div" lines create named sections that can be linked to. Once you've created one containing your log file, go back to the records page and change your link to point to the exact section. For example, my first record link looks like this: Melinda Green This is just a fancy way to say that the link should point to the 333-2-1 section of my User:Cutelyaware page, and that the link text should simply say "Melinda Green" since I don't want the link to show my user name and section. Other solutions of mine display the same text but point to different sections on my page.

The last thing you should consider doing is to click the puzzle name in the first column and add your solution info to the solution history for that puzzle. This part is optional but highly encouraged.

Another useful thing is to make a new line. For example, you want abcdefghijklmnop to go to
To do that, add a < br > (without spaces!)

To make a heading do = = title = = (without spaces!)